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About us




Who are We?

La Nostra Ciutat started with one big idea, to showcase Barcelona’s best design talent in the centre of our city. Over time we have grown to include an in-house team of artists who collaborate with independent designers from all over Catalunya with the aim of producing never before seen collections of artworks. Through our ever-growing group of stores we bring these creations to the public and aim to share some of the love that goes into creating every single item. We aim to fill every space with curiosity, excitement and a touch of something special, all with the goal of exploring the boundaries of what a design company can become!


What do we Do?

We collaborate with artists and designers both from Barcelona and around the world to create illustration, stationary, accessories and giftwares that capture and celebrate the essence of our distinct cultures. We create items that tell stories of emblematic places, gastronomy, personalities, feelings or even stories themselves, always with a fun and original twist. We specialise in collaborating with designers and artists to create a unique vision and thus be able to create an object that conveys a powerful message.


Where are We?


We call Barcelona home sweet home, and here is where you can find our three stores located right in the centre of the city. We collaborate almost exclusively with designers and artists based in the city and surrounding areas. Where possible all of our products are produced within the city of Barcelona too. 
We wholesale products from selected companies and designers that are based in Barcelona where we feel they are doing exceptional work. 
We refresh the stores every week so you will always be able to find unique pieces in our little corners of art and design!


Why do we do It?


What motivates us to make our creations a reality is the desire to promote and publicize unique designers and artists who are part of our family and for them to achieve an appreciation and recognition of their talent. At the same time, we want our customers to feel inspired and learn a little more about the history of each print and the people behind what they are taking home. In addition to being an artistic object, each of our products that you will find in the store has a message behind it and a distinctive and unique meaning. We want each of you to feel involved in the creative process and have a direct relationship with the artist through each of our pieces.