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About us




Who are We?
La Nostra Ciutat is a design company based in Barcelona. We buy from and collaborate with independent designers to make beautiful products!


What do we Make?

We focus on illustration, stationary, giftware, textiles and fashion accessories.


Where are We?


Our base is in Barcelona where we collaborate almost exclusively with designers and artists based in the city and surrounding areas. Where possible all of our products are produced within the city of Barcelona too. 
We wholesale products from selected companies and designers that are based in Barcelona where we feel they are doing exceptional work. 
You can find all of our products in our stores in the centre of Barcelona, many of them exclusively available through our locations.


Why do we do It?


Our aim is to create great products, give small designers a chance to reach a wide audience, to give our customers more transparency about who is creating the products that they love and to use our knowledge of manufacturing and design help grow the skills of the community we work within!