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1 daily activity for 30 days to build a better world.

Kindness is powerful. It brings lots of benefits not only to the receiver, but also to the giver and other people nearby. In fact, when we act kindly towards another person, that person is much more likely to be kinder towards others in the future. This is what science has coined the ‘ripple effect’ of kindness. All our good deeds improve our mental and physical health by boosting happiness, increasing feelings of pride and lowering stress. But they may have an even larger impact on the world around us. This 30-day Good Deeds challenge is made up of acts of altruism that are easy to incorporate into your daily life and will help you to feel happier and build a better world. Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge!


Format Ticket box
Language English
Designer Doiy
Material Paper
Content 1 ticket box 
Size 13 x 9 x 20 cm
Packaging Each product is packaged to ensure its safe travel to your home
Origin Imported