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We embrace and support talent and our passion for art has given us the opportunity to add and specially select products and designs from different brands and designers from Barcelona to sell on our stores.

We invite you to take a look to their amazing work and a short description of their story.



Not every piece of jewelery has to be made from metal. These beautifully crafted jewelries are made from walnut wood. Materiarica’s jewelery is both sustainable and fun to wear. 


I am Nacho Diaz, a Spanish artist, and illustrator. Art has always played a crucial role in my life since I was a child I always dreamed of becoming a professional illustrator, so I took my chance and here we go!

Agustina Studio

Beautifully designed decorations for every occasion. Agustina Studio brings a twist to everyday items that will help bring life to any boring room. 


Bibu helps to bring out everyones inner child with there fun illustrations. These prints are perfect for a nursery or to just add some fun to a boring living room. 


If you need a new notebook for school or need to keep your dates more organized then these stationeries are perfect for you. Charuca’s stationeries are perfect for those who want to take notes in style. From calendars to pens there is something for everyone. 

Chez Paulette

Chez Paulette has something for everyone. From beautifully designed jewelry to stylish masks that will go with anyones outfit. 

Daniella Ferretti

If you need a beautifully illustrated piece for your home or office then look no further then Daniella Ferretti. Her illustrations help to bring life to any space. From illustrated buildings to aquatic life there is something for everyone. 

Doiy Design

If you are in need for some fun and interesting accessories then Doiy Design has you covered. From cute socks to fun stationery items Doiy Design has something for everyone. 

Domestic Disasters

Everyday items do not need to be boring especially items like plates and plant pots. Domestic Disasters beautifully sculpts items to bring some life back into your home. 

El Nan

Toys don’t always have to be cheap plastic that don’t have any meanings behind them. But with El Nan toys are able to have a message that could help change the world. And that message is to embrace each other. 


Children clothing do not have to just be a piece of fabric, but a part of their experience as children. Kerube designs clothing that allows the child to embrace creativity while still looking fashionable. 


Not every decoration has to be In a picture frame. With Kuska you can express yourself in so many different way with these cute cacti. There are designs for every type of style. 

La Variété

Not everything has to be plastic. With La Variété they use different pruned wood, and other natural resources  to make their beautiful decorations. Their designs bring together traditional and modernization in a way that becomes its own style. 


If you need a new bag, be it for school or for your makeup, Lori has something for you. These beautifully designed bags make a perfect addition to anyones day. 

Macarena Ortega

Be it architecture or something cute Macarena Ortega’s illustrations make the perfect decoration for any wall. 

Manuela Montoya

These unique illustrations are perfect for those animal lovers out there. From cute cats to lovable elephants these illustrations are the perfect companion to any wall. 


Making your daily essentials since 2008. Designed in house in Barcelona, 100% Made in Spain. Printed with Eco-inks.





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