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La Nostra Ciutat

Personalised SongWave Print


Upload an MP3 of the song you would like to use.
Include the song title and artist here
We can send you a pdf preview via email before printing to avoid errors. This will slow down your order but will let you see the item before shipping. Once printed your order will be non-refundable so we recommend a sample beforehand. Check the box to receive the sample.

Create your very own personalised SoundWave print! 

Simply upload any audio file you wish and give us the text you want to include as the title and artist. We can send you a free pdf preview of your artwork before printing to avoid any errors! 

Your order will be shipped within one week of purchase, subject to your approval of the preview. Shipping time will be extra on top of this. 

Please note that this is a custom item and therefore we are unable to accept returns once printed. For this reason we recommend the pdf preview before sending.

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