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At last our best seller, the Charuca agenda, has returned to plan your year, make your dreams come true and become the Chief of your life.


The Charuca agenda will become your best friend and your coach because it will help you to organize, to focus, to stay motivated and to plan to work for your goals as a leader.


The academic year version starts in September 2019 and ends in August 2020.


Along with your agenda you will receive a bookmark / rule and a book of stickers with more than 1,400 stickers (yes, yes, you have read 1,400!) Divided by categories and colors, so you can organize yourself to the fullest and have a happy and balanced life.


Your daily Big Charuca agenda has 384 pages divided into:


- 2019 and 2020 calendar.

The Decalogue of the boss so that you have one year of head.

- An annual planner

- 12 monthly planners

- Travel organizer.

- Pages to control your finances.

- Therapy sheets for: Iimagine your ideal life, create your vision board, mark your annual goals, draw your own plan of action, quarterly balances to see how you progress, a lot of motivation with a weekly charucamantra and more than 20 pages of notes.

- Natural paper, 90 grs.

- Measurements: 22 cm wide x 25.4 cm high.

- Made in Spain, with love and without hurry.

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