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About La Nostra Ciutat – What, why and how we do this

Posted on June 30 2017

Oh! Why hello there, welcome to La Nostra Ciutat’s new blog.
I’m so excited you could make it. 


Whatever brought you here, it’s great to have you:

  • If you’re on our website frequently and just saw the new blog: Cool, huh?
    Now we can talk! Now we can get into all the juicy backstage business of the shop; the hows and whens and whos.
    I’m happy to have you back and I really hope to see you around. If you want to never miss a post— I got you! Leave your address here and let’s be email friends. Yey! 

  • If this is your first time here and you’re wondering What is this person talking about Where am I How does this work— I have also got you covered: You have miraculously stumbled upon La Nostra Ciutat, and it is very nice to meet you. We are a small design shop in the heart of Barcelona’s city centre, where we work with local designers from around here.
    If that sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, keep reading. If you’re feeling impatient for more good stuff, check out the rest of our blog here.


    So what is it exactly that we do around here?

    I bet you are lucky enough to have been to one of those gorgeous little design markets on weekends in old train stations or on some charming hidden square, right? You know, the ones where local artisans sell their beautiful work and you could just roam through the market stands for hours looking at all the little pieces of handmade magic?

    So now imagine all your favourite exhibitors from those mercadillos having a permanent retail space in the city where you can get their stuff anytime—
    Or imagine being one of the artists and getting a chance to sell your work in the neighbourhood of multinational retail companies
    Or just think about travelling to Barcelona and looking desperately for a gift made with love to bring home with you—


    That’s us! That is what we missed, envisioned and finally created to make it our very own reality. Cool, right?


    It really has been a crazy year for us here at La Nostra Ciutat

    We opened the shop in June 2016, so it has been exactly a year now, and our team of designers and artists has already grown incredibly to over 180 creative minds that provide our shop with 

    • posters, big and small
    • jewellery
    • books
    • stationary
    • ceramics
    • cosmetics
    • shirts
    • plants
    • phone cases
    • baby clothes and accessories
    • bags
    • lamps
    • homeware articles
    • postcards
    • banners
    • fans
    • all kinds of heart-warming little details
    • just about any good gift you can think of

    Also, a life-sized tree made of carton. Yup, it’s awesome.



    But even though it might not seem that way now, this blog is not here to just brag about how great the shop is (though it really honestly is).

    This blog is for you lovely people out there to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes of La Nostra Ciutat. We have been having many people come in who were interested in becoming a part of the family, and if you are one of them, here is where you get everything you need to know.

    But also, if you are just wondering about how this works and why, or if you are trying to make a living out of your passion elsewhere, or you just reallyreally love design as much as we do— you’ve found the right virtual place to be. 


    I promise to make sure to get you all the useful information, and something fun in between. You will be able to

    • hear about what made this shop work so well
    • find out more about creating good products within the design community
    • learn the business side of the artisan world
    • get a great insight into Barcelona’s design world
    • find inspiration by reading about the experience of others (this will be so much fun!)
    • read up on what is needed to become a part of our LNC family
    • enjoy some on-the-side information about life as a designer
    • get into all the reasons why creativity and individuality is what we care about most
    • look at pictures of pretty things— because, who doesn’t love that?


      At La Nostra Ciutat, we do our best to bring together the most interesting, most diverse and most beautiful pieces that Barcelona’s design community is currently creating, and it has been such a fun adventure for everyone thus far.


      But we’re not there yet.
      This is a work in progress.

      One of our favourite parts about all this is that it is and always will be a journey that we keep constantly evolving on. Join us; I promise you’ll love it.


      Because apart from just showing beautiful work by local designers, we have also become somewhat of a little community.

      Since the very start, we’ve been working together with the artists, discussing their work, exploring new possibilities and generally doing our very best to support them. Because honestly, if there is one thing that makes us happy, it’s seeing people being able to live off their art, doing the work they love most.


      It’s such a cool thing to be a part of!


      I truly believe that the together and the we are what makes this place so special. There’s dedication and there’s passion— and you can totally tell.

       So let’s get this started!


      There is just one last thing that needs to be said before diving into this new blog of artisan philosophy, behind the scenes and insight into the community; one very important thing: 

      THANK YOU!


      • Thank you to the designers who have come to us and trusted us with their work, and who have made us what we are today: a shop full of colours and life.

      • Thank you also to all you lovely people who have come by and shown interest in our little shop, who have screeched delightedly and each and everyone of you many visitors who has said: “I love everything in here!”
        (We know how you feel. We, too, sometimes can’t believe the talent that our designers bring through our doors and onto our shelves every day.)

      • And finally, a huge Thank You to you, lovely reader, who has stumbled upon my words and is still reading them. Stay tuned, I mean it— we’re going to have a lot of fun together.


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